The Best of the Best Graphic Designers: Local Youth Playmat Design

Here at Xware Global our team of graphic designers have found a way to take a blank (white) playmat and turn it into a masterpiece fit to be deemed professional. A division of our team does manga style artwork that is completely original and very beautiful.
best graphic designers

Playmat Constituting the Best Graphic Designer?

What exactly is a playmat? Simply put, it’s a mat you place under your collectable card games to keep them from being damaged. Would this constitute being one of the best graphic designers? Our work is on par with those of a custom print shop. Our teamworks diligently on each mat with meticulous design, taking many weeks to complete.

 Why Would One of the Best Graphic Designers do this?

The sub-culture of collectable card games (CCG’s) has a strong following of dedicated members. With this dedication, the manufactures of these CCG’s have turned the games into a money racket! With several cards totaling upwards of $100 each it’s easy to see why the gamers would want to protect their investment. Aside from the need to protect their cards, each player has the main goal of getting a mat that is both meaningful to themselves, and totally different from anyone else. We provide both, as wecan provide a mat that is totally unique and of whatever design the player chooses.

Quality Control! 
Our team is also a very methodical group. Our usual working day starts with the blank mat (provided by the player for lower costs) which we immediately begin work on. Overfour hours of working on each master piece are logged on a daily basis seven day a week. Each day we start with the basics of looking over the previous day. With Meticulous detail, we go through a checklist of things each and every day:

  • Working with any spot that contains an error to blend it into the surroundings
  • Going over any rough spots to fine tune or smooth them into conformity
  • At the point of adding color, checking to make certain that nothing has bled through and blended with another section
  • At the finishing state of the process letting the work “breath” allowing itto cure the piece and make it ready for the player.

Our team here at Xware Global is dedicated to bringing you the best graphic designs possible, even a playmat for your CCG’s!!!